Not, another juice brand

dript’s founders had a big ambition – to create a juice drink which wasn’t full of sugar, healthy and of course, tasted great. The goal was to create an energetic and fluid brand identity and packaging that prepared dript for seed funding.

In the early stages we looked into liquid movement and how we could stand that up at the focal point to the brand identity. This idea of fluidity and curved lines was something that emerged from the brand strategy sessions as a aligns with the idea of purity and the juice itself. 


Dript Drinks


  • Visual Identity
  • Brand Strategy
  • Packaging Design
  • Digital Assets

The typeface needed to work in various application, from the product itself down to business cards and small digital formats.


We built basic sketches that would allow the logotype to stand alone – once we refined we started to develop mockups alongside the liquid movement lines.

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