We love startups. From our history working with them and for them we’ve seen the potential and power they can have.

When it come to design, startups are unique. Every last pound, dollar or euro need to have an impact. We’ve been there and done it and it’s hard work but having the right brand identity straight out of the gates can make a huge difference to your brand and subsequently, your revenue.

A (very) brief overview of our process


We lift the hood and take a look at your business, discovering the reasons behind why you started, where you want to be and your target market. 

We ask a lot of questions but that way we get the details we need to lay the foundations of an enduring brand identity.


Using the learnings from the strategy session we create stylescapes, think of them as advanced mood boards. 

We talk you through the reasoning behind each choice and agree a path forwards together.


Refine and define. This is where you are presented with the final creative concept for your brand, which are reinforced by the research and strategy. 

(At this point we usually bring a bottle of champagne to celebrate and toast your new brand identity.)