Our Mission

To take our years of creative knowledge working within startups and apply that to produce unique visual identities that differentiate and represent company values. 

Who we are

Design Gap is an independent brand studio based in Brighton, U.K.

We aren’t ones for buzzwords to make us sound important. Instead we explain what and how we do things in relatable, easy to understand way – it’s part of who we are. We take this clear and straight forward approach with our projects. 

Quite simply, we love developing attractive and timeless brand identities and we understand the need for startups like your to stand out more than ever.

What we do

01_   Brand identity

02_  Brand strategy

03_  Tone of voice

04_  Packaging design

05_  Brand positioning

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Do you just work with startups ?

Not exclusively, but we believe startups have the ability and drive to go on and make a big difference in the world. It’s an ambitious statement but we believe in it. 

I know what I want, can you design it?

We’re a creative studio who love to work along side businesses to develop their visual identity. We don’t just artwork an idea that people to come with us with. We’d recommend trying a pay per hour freelance site if that’s what you want.

How long does it take?

Each project is different – depending on the size of the company we’re working with it can take from two months to two years. It all depends on what stage your business is at and where you want to go.

How much does it cost?

Unlike freelance designers we don’t charge by the hour but by the size of the project.

Spending money on your identity is an investment, not a continuous cost, when it’s done properly it can future proof your brand. For the best idea of price, drop us a message or call.

Let’s chat about your project